Equipment Maintenance Program

Program Summary

What Is It?

The statewide Equipment Maintenance Program (EMP) allows all government agencies and departments to consolidate the care of electronic equipment under one comprehensive program. By replacing existing service agreements with this program, agencies will gain a programmatic solution that delivers significant cost savings, enhanced equipment protection, the freedom to utilize the best service vendor for each and every maintenance action, program management tools and information, and achieve positive control over the financial and operational performance of their equipment maintenance portfolio.

The Remi Group, LLC (TRG) was selected as the provider and administrator of the State's equipment maintenance program effective December 1, 2005, and has partnered with the State in delivering a long-term equipment maintenance management program. TRG’s equipment maintenance program provides an effective alternative to original equipment manufacturer and third party maintenance service agreements. Instead of facing a future of spiraling maintenance costs that grow each year beyond the rate of inflation, agencies can take control of their maintenance budget and build a program that delivers immediate savings and offers the prospect of greater long-term savings. TRG will work with each and every agency to provide program administrative support, technical expertise, day-to-day oversight, training, and the financial backing necessary to guarantee a successful program result.

TRG does not perform any service work. You continue using your present service provider, your in-house staff or any equipment service provider of your choosing.

All of TRG’s programs are backed by the full faith and credit of leading insurance providers. Their financial standing is assured by years of successful operation, outstanding financial structure, and independent rating agencies such as AM Best.

Program History and Pricing

The Remi Group was awarded the contract to maintain and expand the state’s Equipment Maintenance Program, which was put in place in September 2000. The program offers a 27% reduction in annual cost on equipment that is transitioned from a service contract to the State’s EMP. For example, if we identify equipment that is eligible for the EMP and find that an agency is currently buying service contracts with an annual cost of $20,000, placing this equipment under the EMP would save that respective agency $5,000 annually. TRG works closely with the Department of Finance, Division of Risk Management to manage the current equipment portfolio, expand the EMP and corresponding statewide hard dollar savings, supply effective data management tools, and provide recommendations based on the state’s historical maintenance records.

How It Works

The Equipment Maintenance Program is fairly straight forward by design. In essence, very little will change in how the state agencies handle day-to-day operations and equipment maintenance. When equipment fails or requires preventative maintenance, State employees call their preferred service provider, who is very likely the same service vendor that they have always called in the past. Upon vendor request, provide your blanket purchase order number (Agency#-SubAgency#). Once the work is completed, each vendor will leave a completed service report with the agency to be submitted to TRG. The invoice and service report should be sent by the vendor directly to The State of Alabama EMP, P.O. Box 4389, Montgomery, AL 36103, or faxed to (866) 497-9397 within 90 days from the date of service. TRG will handle reimbursing the service provider directly for work done maintaining covered equipment.

For service events expected to reach or exceed $7,500 the preliminary loss information must be reported to The Remi Group’s - engineering department prior to any service action being taken at (877) 275-7364.

Program Benefits

  • Immediate 27% annual savings from vendor service contracts
  • Sophisticated online management reporting tools
  • Convenience of one program provider and contact
  • Program engineering, technical, and local administrative support
  • Flexible service provider options
  • Customizable coverage levels and pricing options

Replacing or Retiring Equipment

To Add Equipment

Obtain the following information regarding each equipment item to be quoted:

  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Serial Number
  • Description
  • Replacement value or purchase price

If the equipment is under a service contract, please send a copy of the contract to Nancy Carter at or fax to (866) 497-9397.

Complete the Endorsement / Change Request form (listed in the Appendix) and send it to or fax to (866) 497-9397.

If you requested to see a quote prior to adding the equipment and decided to add that equipment, please send written confirmation to Nancy Carter at or fax to (866) 497-9397 advising the effective date of coverage. The effective date can be the current date or any future date.

To Remove Equipment

  • Complete the Endorsement / Change Request form (listed in the Appendix) indicating the item to be deleted and the deletion date. The deletion date can be the current date or any future date.
  • Send the form to Nancy Carter at or fax to (866) 497-9397.

Summary of Important Provisions

90 Day Provision

In order for TRG to effectively capture all details necessary for the claims review process, we require a copy of the service report and the invoice within 90 days from the date of service. Both documents are required prior to the release of payment to the vendor. The service report and invoice should clearly specify the Make, Model and Serial Number of equipment that was serviced, a description of the problem, the location of the equipment, details of the service work performed, a list of all parts used, and a breakdown of all charges. If the information submitted as proof of loss is determined insufficient, we must receive requested information to substantiate the loss within 90 days of notification.

TRG is not liable for any loss, damage or occurrence not reported in compliance with the above paragraph.

Replacement of Equipment

If a service vendor recommends a covered piece of equipment be replaced, rather than be repaired, you must receive authorization from TRG by calling the EMP Engineering Department at (877) 275-7364. If we agree that replacing an item is more cost effective than repair, you may substitute property of a similar kind, age, model and manufacturer. TRG will work diligently to create the best possible solution for both parties. TRG is not liable for the cost of any unauthorized property replacement.

Large Loss Notification

If a service event is expected to exceed $7,500 you must notify TRG by calling the engineering department at (877) 275-7364. TRG Engineering will make service repair recommendations and assist you throughout the service process to ensure the best possible repair outcome. While you have the final decision over the repair process for your equipment, it is critical that agencies make prior loss notification prior to these service events. Failure to do so will result in loss of coverage. TRG will reimburse for the service event in accordance with your service contract.

Upgrades/ Modifications/ Overhauls

If the service vendor recommends or plans to do any upgrades, modifications, refurbishment, overhauls, etc., contact TRG Engineering prior to authorizing the vendor to perform this type of work. Our engineering department can advise you as to what types of services are covered and not covered under your TRG service contract.

Data Management

In order to achieve superior maintenance management results over the long-term, it is imperative that the state collect and analyze information concerning equipment performance, maintenance costs, and vendor performance. TRG’s program gives the state the ability to monitor and manage their program using our EMMA system (Equipment Maintenance Management Application) combined with Remi Online, our customer internet interface that provides 24 X 7 real-time access to all program related information. Through Remi Online, the state can track the performance of individual pieces of equipment, identify poor performing equipment, ensure scheduled preventative maintenance completion, delve into individual maintenance events, or review overall program results. In short, through our program and the associated technology, the State of Alabama will gain knowledge, insight, and the ability to begin taking meaningful control of their equipment maintenance portfolio.

Registration – Please e-mail Nancy Carter at with REMI ONLINE as the subject header. Please include Department name, Agency name, agency and sub agency number, your name, e-mail address, and your phone number in the body of the e-mail. Once we receive the request in our office, we will e-mail you the user name, password, and instructions on how to access Remi Online (typical response time is within 2 business days).

Remi Online Access – (once you have a user ID & password)

If you have any problems or questions with registering, please contact The Remi Group at (888) 451-8916.

EMP Key Staff

TRG On-Site Program Manager
Nancy Carter
Additional E-Mail Contact
Tel: (334) 353-8751
Toll Free: 1-888-451-8916 ext 243
Fax: (866) 497-9397

State EMP Hand Mail
Attn: Nancy Carter
RSA Union Bldg
Room 160

Engineering & Replacement Hotline
Tel: (877) 275-7364
TRG On-Site Representative

FAQ's and Answers About the Equipment Maintenance Program

How are equipment additions and deletions reflected in my bill?

All changes to the covered equipment schedule will be listed on your next quarterly statement from TRG. Please pay the current invoice in full as all additions and deletions made during the current three month period will be reflected in your next invoice from TRG. For example, if a $300 machine is added to the program a few days after the first quarterly statement is released, you will not pay for coverage on that machine until the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th invoices are due. Using this example, you will be charged $100 on each of the last 3 statements.

What happens if I find a discrepancy with my quarterly premium invoice?

Since the premium and the respective coverage for each machine is pro rated to the date coverage was initiated or removed, these discrepancies can be handled on your next quarterly statement. Please contact Nancy Carter at with any specifics regarding discrepancies. Maintenance coverage on equipment, payment of vendor invoices, and fees for coverage will reference the original requested date from your agency.

What type of machines can be covered under the program?

Nearly every machine that plugs into the wall is eligible for the equipment maintenance program and the corresponding 27% savings from vendor contracts. Some of the most common equipment types are telephone systems, security equipment, mailing equipment, communication equipment, computers, printers, monitors, servers, X-Ray and imaging equipment, copiers, fax machines, and many others. Please e-mail Nancy Carter at for more details.

Who do I call if my machines break down?

You have the freedom to call any vendor you choose, from the manufacture of the machine to your local supply and fix-it company. Any company that can properly work on your equipment can be used under the EMP. Please inform this vendor this is a time and materials service call, give them your purchase order number (agency# - sub agency#), have them complete a service report with you, and give them the billing address of The State of Alabama, P.O. Box 4389, Montgomery, AL 36103. TRG will pay that vendor directly for his work once we receive both the service report and invoice.

What happens if a vendor sends the bill to me?

All invoices need to be submitted to Nancy Carter at The State of Alabama, P.O. Box 4389, Montgomery, AL 36103, by fax (866) 497-9397, or by hand mail box at RSA Union Bldg, Room 160. Please forward any invoices and/or service reports to Nancy Carter as soon as possible for review.

What is a service report and what should I do with it?

There are two documents for each service event, an invoice which is mailed to the EMP P.O. Box directly, and the service report which is left with the state employee. A service report is a dated document filled out by the vendor that provides information regarding that specific service event. It should contain the machine’s make, model, serial #, location, what was wrong with the machine, what was done to fix it, what parts were ordered, and how long it took to fix the machine. Please fax this the Nancy Carter at (866) 497-9397 directly after the service event. All service events have a corresponding service report and it is the state employee’s responsibility to deliver this to Nancy Carter in a timely fashion.

What if I want to add equipment but I don’t have a maintenance contract price?

You do not need a maintenance contract or price in order to add equipment. TRG maintains an extensive database of equipment and corresponding vendor pricing. Just send the information on the equipment to Nancy Carter and it will be added. You can also request a quote on equipment in order to get a premium amount prior to adding the equipment.